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TRAPPER Pest Monitor



Monitor for Mice and Insects
TRAPPER Pest Monitor is a reusable, plastic station used with TRAPPER MC Glue Trap to monitor for both insects and mice. Pest Monitor’s two-piece design is easy to secure and service, making it ideal to use indoors and out in residential accounts, food processing plants and commercial accounts

For monitoring insects and mice, place a TRAPPER MC Glue Trap in the base, using the clips to hold the glue trap firmly in place. Insects can access Pest Monitor from holes on all four sides. Mice enter through the two larger holes that are adjacent to the wall. To prevent mice from accessing Pest Monitor, rotate the top, covering the two larger holes.

Mounting holes on the bottom of TRAPPER Pest Monitor make servicing easy when the Monitor is secured. Pest Monitor opens with Bell’s unique 2-prong key. With its low profile, TRAPPER Pest Monitor fits under objects or can be used on its side in a narrow opening.


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