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It is a bacterial, fungicidal and virucidal disinfectant for use in poultry sheds, hatcheries, silos, production, commercial & industrial premises, hospitals, school, hotels, gyms, private housing, harvest storage, greenhouses and storage areas.
As the smoke disperses the active ingredient comes into contact with all the surfaces in the room and thereby treats both surfaces and air.
Dry disinfecting smoke solution.
Fumite OPP kills viruses with a proven 99.9% efficacy.
Fumite OPP stops the spread of infections.
It’s simple, fast and effective.
Fumite OPP contains 30% 2-Phenylphenol.
Available in the following sizes : 100g (Product Code : OCT000100) and 400g (OCT000400).

NRCS Reg No :Act5GNR529/261740/120/1048.

Product code: See above.

Pack sizes : 100g & 400g.


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